Kevin Tadlock

Kevin originally hails from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  After bee-bopping around the US for a few years he finally settled in Ithaca NY and called it home.

Kevin has spent his time in a variety of jobs ranging from pizza cook to A/V tech with a little construction thrown in to keep things interesting.   After spending some time working at the Ithaca Bakery he decided to change fields and become a true techie.  Building computers, editing video, setting up networks, and fixing stuff when it broke kept him occupied for a time, but when a chance to get in on the Wownet Cafe arose he jumped right in. 

While at Wownet Munkee learned the ins and outs of administrating a network used for public consumption along with running a mail server and web host.  It was here at Wownet where his true addiction to caffeine was born.  Having unlimited access to espresso and caramel syrup turned him into a somewhat manic but very focused tech geek.  Life was good.  But alas, the Wownet endeavor eventually came to an end and Munkee had to move on.

After Wownet Kevin took a job at Cornell University where he expanded his networking chops and learned how to troubleshoot and repair hardware with some very talented people.  He spent seven years working there before he once again changed directions and MunkeeWired LLC was created.

Today Kevin runs an Airbnb rental in downtown Ithaca and keeps things running smoothly here at MunkeeWired. 



Mark WilsonMark Wilson's experience with the Internet began in 1998 when, after getting a terminal MA in the liberal arts, he had to find a way to pay back all the loans he had racked up.  He first worked for a avaition-related banner ad website called InterJet Online Services, Inc. that never picked up momentum, probably because the founder made all employees wear ties to work.  The second startup he worked for,, sought to portalize the promotional products industry. There he leaned a lot about synergizing his clicks to mortar potentiality, but again learned that a shaky business model won't fly even with all the venture capital in the world.

Mark was subsequently hired by an interactive agency that built the web applications other startups needed, which made a lot more sense since the agency got paid before the clients' venture capital ran out.  That agency, coolfire.interactive, also had one really big client, Ford Motor Company. Mark worked on the close-knit team that built the dealer facing portals for all of the Ford, Lincoln Mercury and luxury brands.  He also oversaw coolfire.interactive's response to the Firestone Tire Recall, and the subsquent move to a clustered hosting environment after the previous web servers melted into puddles. 

When Ford Motor Company decided to take their dealer portal project in-house, he was kept on as a consultant to work remotely as the 'institutional memory' of the project as Ford sought to re-build it in on their own technology platform. That temporary gig went on for 5 years.

Mark moved to Ithaca in 2006 after visiting numerous times and not wanting to return to the exurbs of New York City on Monday morning. He currently works as a one man web design and development shop for the Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies. In his free time he likes to travel places he's never been, climb tall things and fall off of them, keep his recreational soccer game hot, and get lost, tired, hungry and sore while backpacking and canoeing.